Types of Appliances

Rapid Palatal Expander (RPE)

Device used to expand the palate and attaches to the permanent molars. The RPE has an expansion screw mechanism that should be turned as advised by the orthodontist. It is typically done once a day and continues until desired space in palate is opened.

El Paso Types of Appliances



This device is used to aid in correcting any issues that arise from a patient’s overbite. The headgear is used as directed by the orthodontist and should be worn accordingly as it is an important step is the treatment process.


TransPlatal Arch (TPA)

The TPA is a thin wire that reaches across the roof of the mouth and attaches to the first permanent molars. It is typically used to maintain the placement of the permanent molars and arch width while other teeth are being adjusted.
TransPlatal Arch

99dollarsmile offers different types of appliances that may be needed and prescribed by the orthodontist. The appliances listed on this page are the most prominent and commonly used during the patient’s orthodontic treatment. To learn more about what types of appliances the patient may need contact us and schedule your first consultation.