Cost of Braces

First Visit
The first consultation at 99dollarsmile is absolutely free! The first visit will give you the best evaluation possible complete with pictures of the patient smile/bite, panoramic x-rays, and a complete oral scan.

Following the exam, we will have our highly trained and qualified orthodontist alongside our treatment coordinator explain exactly what type of treatment the patient is going to need according to the results.

The orthodontist will give our treatment coordinator and the patient a detailed explanation of what type of oral malocclusion also known as any dental abnormalities the patient is affected by.

After we review all aspects of what treatment the patient will need; the treatment coordinator will go over the length and cost of the treatment.

Cost of Braces
Every patient has a differing treatment plan and until the first visit is when we can give you the best desirable option in regards to cost.

Financing Option
99dollarsmile offers monthly payment options which may be necessary for many patients. Everyone can be approved for a specialized installment plan even after we verify insurance coverage which can help the responsible party make applying braces an even greater possibility.

99dollarsmile has some of the most inexpensive braces and with our great financing options that are affordable and flexible we can help the patient get the smile they’ve always wanted.

Please contact us to schedule your first consultation.